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Scenic is not short off-season Wudalianchi

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To late autumn when the northern tourist attractions have entered the off-season, but the Wudalianchi scenic splendor of the fall volcanic scenery has to attract a large number of tourists pour in, this tourism. After the colorful early autumn, late autumn followed, Wudalianchi scenic autumn tree autumn Autumn Autumn, constitute a picture of the beautiful pieces. In the major scenic spots, there are always the crowded scene. People in the late autumn into the embrace of nature, enjoy the unique charm of Wudalianchi feel. According to statistics the tourism sector, "Golden Week" after the Wudalianchi scenic received nearly 2 million tourists, tourism, more than 20 support groups, an increase of 28.2%, the main source markets in Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Shaanxi, Hebei, , Jiangsu, Taiwan. Statistics show that in the autumn and winter tourism season is extended, the chain continues to extend the tourist, scenic tourist economy has shown a good momentum of development. Pure scenic island tour to find the most recommended four private island Whenever a worthy tourist destination is found, as the first echelon will always be those involved in the backpacker keen sense of smell. Among them, the new island is undoubtedly a huge attraction, not to mention how the island's customs, one is able to think of these islands to avoid overcrowding of the sea beach, enjoying only their own patch of the sea, enough to make backpackers fascinated by. Now follow the footprints of backpackers who have not yet arrived in the island as a tourist hot spot, where there will be a most pure and beautiful scenery waiting for you. 1. Flowers Dai Island "Hua Dai Stone Forest" is also beautiful Location: Hua Dai Island, also known as Buddha Island, located in Xiangshan County, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, Xiangshan is a coastal Xiangshan peninsula and 608 islands comprising the county, flowers Dai one of the island is one of the island. Landscape features: to spend Dai Island, is directed to see "pillars" to go. Dai Island flower has a special geological structure, known as the "flower Dai Stone Forest." Extends about one kilometer in the coastal cliffs, there are many groups arranged in dense Stonehenge, Stonehenge is thousands of years these water erosion, volcanic eruptions, geological evolution of the integrated product, according to geologists prospecting basalt, very spectacular. However, the color of flowers Dai Stone brighter than normal basalt, to gray, yellow, light red and other colors, so their looks "gorgeous." It is said that 10 years ago, it was considered useful to spend Dai Island tourism value of these columns, so the hill was built a viewing platform, was initially attracted some tourists, but the passage of time, flowers Dai Island, becoming less popular, it seems that some loneliness of the. Now, in addition to the island to see the flower Dai columns, you can also visit the remains of some of the Ming and Qing. Information: transfer to the Bus Station from Ningbo Xiangshan, one day there are dozens of bus fare of 30 yuan. After the Xiangshan Xiangshan Shipu passenger terminal to terminal car, and then by boat to spend Dai Island. Dai Island accommodation is not good to spend, it is recommended to Stone Town accommodation, hotels and Shipu Shipu Hotel Ningbo sea environment is good, the price of about two three hundred, benefits from the restaurant near the night can be Shipu seafood seafood street food stalls , a street restaurants are all quite spectacular. 2. Hailu Island "Sea Cat Island" chasing seagulls Location: Sea Island and the cock donkey Island is in close proximity of the two islands, located in Weihai, Shandong Rongcheng County, northwest Chengshan sea. Among them, the more popular island of the sea donkey, because a lot of gulls on the island, and the local seagulls called "sea cat, child," so Hailu Island also known as "Sea Cat Island." Landscape features: sea-donkey is also the island's geological structure is unique, because thousands of years by tireless waves, erosion, so the island Wu Li Wei Feng, craggy rocks. The island also has many large and small sea caves, boats sailing within large and small sea caves can only hold if the number of people. However, if visitors like seagulls, sea donkey Island is paradise. Gull Island is a world, where the seagull seems inherently bold, not afraid of people, even if someone came forward, it will still be there in a leisurely manner, "cuckoo," cried. More often, the gulls would flock was in a rock and the full coverage of the piece, from afar as if rock has become a white, and blue sky and water side by side. With animals of all ages, the island is full of donkey angry sea, but let the atmosphere of the island to spend more, especially in autumn, golden yellow flowers will fully open up, Yizheng Pian dotted with islands of gold, it is truly nice. Information: You can fly directly Weihai, Shandong, Weihai, and then to the bus station take buses to the Xixia mouth, about 45 minutes to reach the village of Xixia port terminals, and take a cruise Zixia 1. Island cabin provides accommodation, the price per night 120 to 160 yuan, eat seafood in the fishing island, the island fishermen fishing daily seafood, fish, shellfish, all original, 50 yuan per capita can eat well. 3. Western Island "Internationalization" of the island Stories Location: Western Island is located southeast of Xiapu County, Fujian Province, 20 nautical miles away with Xiapu county, is a part of the island village, but also the seat of township government. Landscape Features: Single name to listen to Western Island, I know that this island certainly is not simple. It is said that long ago, fishing boats passing by, saw the shore with blond hair and blue eyes of foreign people, suspected to the western boundary, so called "Western Island", in fact, the island is a dependency of Fujian, but when there were gentiles lived on the island only. Roads on the island is located in the western sea, so in addition to its "international" background, the island also has many historical sites of Coastal Defence. Located in the western high ground southwest of the shelter has a western dark gun, a total of four batteries, are interlinked with the tunnel, when a coastal line of defense against foreign aggression, of which one was the famous naval war hero guns Yip Man. For those who want people to visit the southeast island style, the beach is the most western island not to be missed, the size of the beach around the island there are more than 10, one of the more famous ghosts Wosha Wo Sha Beach and North Beach, not only the fine sand , and the blue sea water, free from pollution, the best on the beach sunbathing. Information: from Fuzhou to Xiapu County can take the bus to transfer to the next post Xiapu Hu, speedboat ride to the western half an hour. Western small island hotels are operated by local people, about 50 yuan a night. Hu proposed to the next sample the local specialties, such as frozen soil D, the three shark liver oil capsules, Red Crab and so very authentic. 4. Bird Island "Bird Lighthouse" century stand Location: Zhejiang Zhoushan Shengsi Islands in the east of Hangzhou Bay, southeast of the Yangtze Estuary, bird island archipelago is one of the most northern island. Landscape features: the many islands in the Zhoushan islands Shengsi, the bird island is self-help tourists like to go to the island because the island its name, the flowers birds, great mood. Bird Island, twists and turns and winding coastline, overlooking from the air like a bird, and mountain and island flowers bunch, hence the name. Mood on the island where the most is the "bird Lighthouse", the lighthouse was built in 1870, more than a cylindrical tower 17 meters high, is said to still the second largest lighthouse in Asia. A hundred years, flowers and birds lighthouse light from the shuttle vessel. Flowers and birds on the island have something to go, like the Tiger Cave, cave clouds, apes hole is sea cave, which clouds the bottom hole may be Deep Tatsumi, mysterious deep. If you want to listen to the sea quietly Guan Tao, Dong Ya is a good place, where the storm raging, waves lapping the shore off the rock often one high waves, very spectacular. Of course, since it is bird island, in the spring to the island, you can enjoy the island's flowers everywhere, flowers are blooming, the twitter of birds flying in the air, people can not help feeling optimistic again. Information: directly by boat from Shanghai to Shengsi Islands, a range of 5 hours. Bird Island has two villages - Tai Shui Hang Village and Tai Ao, the former seat of government is the bird Township, on the pier next to the boat traffic, there are one or two private hotels, but the facilities are rudimentary, about 10 yuan per bed 20 yuan so. Shengsi Lo sauce, Clam, razor clams, crab, fish, jellyfish and other food is very tasty.